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 If you live in Canada, here’s how to sign up for unlimited long distance:

- Bell Canada charges as low as $10.00 a month for unlimited long distance calls in Canada and to the United States. You can reach them at 866-768-1198  or on line see  bell.ca and in the search box type in  “unlimited  long distance in Canada” to get free sign up information.

- Tellus offers an unlimited long distance plan too. For information call  866-558-2273

- Rogers offers an an unlimited plan at  $12 per month.  For information call 888-764-3771

If you live in the United States  here's how to sign up for unlimited calling to Canada:

- For Sprint customers, it is just $5.00 per month for  unlimited calls to Canada. It is  the “Open World Add On Plan” and you can order it at 888-211-4727

- For ATT customers you may already have free unlimited calling to Canada. To check if you do, or to add it call 866-662-4548

- Verizon charges only $5.00 per month for their Canadian Value Plan. Call 800-922-0204 or 800-696-3901

-Vonage offers free calls to Canada. Check with them at 800-608-5590

-T-Mobile offers free calls to Canada. Call them at 884-300-4608

Prices and plans subject to change. Contact carriers directly for specific information.